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Question 1
Venice's population was 272,679 in 2005. Write this number in word form.
A. Two hundred seventy thousand six hundred seventy-nineB. Two hundred seventy-two thousand six hundred seventy-nine
C. Two hundred seventy-two thousand six hundred nineD. Two hundred seventy-two thousand six hundred seventy
Question 2
Total population of four major cities in the world is shown in the chart. Which city has the largest and which city has the smallest population?
A. Tokyo and Rio de JaneiroB. Tokyo and London
C. Moscow and LondonD. Rio de Janeiro and Moscow
Question 3
121 + 37 + ( 3 × 15 ) = ?
A. 203B. 199
C. 200D. 201
Question 4
How many degrees more you need to move the rod "A" to make a Right Angle with the rod "B"?
A. 20oB. 30o
C. 90oD. 110o
Question 5
Jamal paints on Saturdays and earns $4.50 per hour. He deposits half of his earned money into his piggy bank. If he paints for 5 hours every Saturday, how much money can he deposit in his piggy bank every month? (1 month has 4 weeks)
A. $90B. $55
C. $50D. $45
Question 6
What is the area of the swimming pool shown in the picture?
A. 950 sq ftB. 1,000 sq ft
C. 1,100 sq ftD. 1,200 sq ft
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Question 7
Anna bought a pair of shoes for $27.65. She paid $30 to the cashier. How much change should she get back from the cashier?
A. $1.45B. $2.65
C. $2.35D. $3.35
Question 8
What is the perimeter of the soccer field shown in the picture?
A. 150 yardsB. 500 yards
C. 200 yardsD. 300 yards
Question 9
Albert buys a baseball cap for $3.45 using the money he collected in his piggy bank. He wants to pay this with quarters, dimes, and nickels. What combination of coins should he give to the cashier?

A. 12 quarters, 11 dimes, and 7 nickelsB. 4 quarters, 21 dimes, and 5 nickels
C. 8 quarters, 10 dimes, and 6 nickelsD. 8 quarters, 11 dimes, and 7 nickels
Question 10
Olivia, Mary, and Jim went to the bowling game and scored 1140 points altogether. Olivia scored of the total points, Mary scored of the points, and remaining points were scored by Jim. Who had the lowest score?
A. OliviaB. Mary
C. JimD. Jim and Olivia
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