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Question 1
Annie earns $320 for 8 hours of work. At that rate, how long would she have to work to earn $1,120?
A. 40B. 35
C. 18D. 28
Question 2
If y is 40% of z, then y is to z as _________.
A. 1 is to 5B. 1 is to 4
C. 3 is to 5D. 2 is to 5
Question 3
Find the value of n.

A. 48B. 45
C. 32D. 64
Question 4
Rachel needs 5 cups of sugar to make 60 muffins. How many muffins can she make with 3 cups of sugar?
A. 12B. 36
C. 48D. 30
Question 5
Sarah designs a curtain that is 3.5 feet wide and 10.5 feet long. She has to design one more curtain using the same proportion. If the other curtain she designs is 12.75 feet long, find the width of the curtain.
A. 3.5 feetB. 4.5 feet
C. 9.75 feetD. 4.25 feet
Question 6
Which fraction is equivalent to the ratio 126:54?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 7
Mrs. Davis needs one cup of waffle-mix and three-fourth cup of water to make 5 waffles. How much of waffle-mix and water will she need to make 20 waffles?
A. 4 cups of mix and 3 cups of waterB. 3 cups of mix and 3 cups of water
C. 4 cups of mix and 4 cups of waterD. 4 cups of mix and 3.5 cups of water
Question 8
24 is to 80 as 36 is to _______.
A. 90B. 72
C. 120D. 108
Question 9
Mr. Brown drove 55 miles per hour for 4 hours and then 68 miles per hours for 2 hours. How many miles did he drive altogether?
A. 220 milesB. 156 miles
C. 356 milesD. 344 miles
Question 10
Methane molecule is a compound that contains carbon and hydrogen atoms in 1:4 ratio. If in a sample of methane there are 12500 carbon atoms, how many hydrogen atoms are there in that sample?
A. 5,000B. 500
C. 3,125D. 50,000
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