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Question 1
How many quadrants are in a coordinate plane?
A. 1B. 2
C. 3D. 4
Question 2
What are the coordinates of the intersection point of the x- and y-axis?
A. (0, 1)B. (1, 1)
C. (0, 0)D. (1, 0)
Question 3
Locate the ordered pair for point K on the coordinate plane.
A. (5, −2)B. (−5, 2)
C. (−4, −2)D. (−5, −2)
Question 4
If you are to plot the ordinate pair (−3,5), you would plot which number along the x axis?
A. 5B. −3
C. bothD. 8
Question 5
What is the vertical number line on the coordinate plane called?
A. x-axisB. origin
C. quadrantD. y-axis
Question 6
Which of the following graph shows point M(4,−3)?
A. B. 
C. D. 
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Question 7
Points in __________ have positive x and positive y coordinates.
A. Quadrant IIB. Quadrant I
C. Quadrant IIID. Quadrant IV
Question 8
A point on a coordinate plane has (−3,−5) as its coordinates. Where is the point located?
A. In Quadrant IIB. In Quadrant III
C. In Quadrant ID. In Quadrant IV
Question 9
Which of these points will lie on the quadrant II of a coordinate plane?
A. A(−4, −3)B. D(−4, 3)
C. R(4, 3)D. G(4, −3)
Question 10
How far is the point (4,0) from the origin (0,0)?
A. 0 unitsB. 4 units
C. 6 unitsD. 8 units
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