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Question 1
One of the acute angles of a right triangle measures 2 times as large as the other acute angle. Find the measure of the two acute angles.
A. 45o, 60oB. 30o, 120o
C. 30o, 90oD. 30o, 60o
Question 2
Find the value of y.

29 − y = 17
A. −12B. 46
C. 12D. −46
Question 3
The length of a rectangle is 8 cm more than its width. If the perimeter of that rectangle is 144 cm, find its area.
A. 280 sq cmB. 1,280 sq cm
C. 128 sq cmD. 1,500 sq cm
Question 4
Find the value of t.

3t − 9 = 16 − 2t
A. −5B. 25
C. 6D. 5
Question 5
Julie bought a purse and received $3 change from the cashier. She received 36 coins, all nickels and dimes. How many of each kind did she receive?
A. 14 dimes and 12 nickelsB. 24 dimes and 12 nickels
C. 32 dimes and 4 nickelsD. 18 dimes and 18 nickels
Question 6
Solve the equation.

6y − 8 − y = 27 − 2y
A. 5B. 7
C. −5D. 8
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Question 7
The entrance fee to a museum is $5 for an adult and is $2 for a child. Mrs. Perry purchased 29 tickets for $82. How many tickets of each type did she buy?
A. 12 adult tickets and 17 child ticketsB. 9 adult tickets and 20 child tickets
C. 8 adult tickets and 18 child ticketsD. 8 adult tickets and 21 child tickets
Question 8
The circumference of a circle (c) is two times pi times the radius (r). Write this as an algebraic equation.
A. r = 2πcB. C = 2πr2
C. c = 2πrD. C = 2r + π
Question 9
Solve the equation for p.

3p + r = 20
A. B. p = 3(20 − r)
C. D. 
Question 10
Which shows the following statement as an algebraic expression?

The ratio of 3 more than y to y.
A. B. 
C. D. 
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