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Question 1
What is true about a line?
A. It has two end points.B. It has no end point.
C. It has one endpoint and goes on and on in one direction.D. All of the above
Question 2
Which has one end point extends to infinity in one direction?
A. pointB. line
C. rayD. line segment
Question 3
Identify a ray in the figure shown below.
Question 4
What does DB represent?
A. lineB. ray
C. line segmentD. none of the above
Question 5
Which has two end points?
A. line segmentB. line
C. rayD. both, lines and rays
Question 6
What are the two lines that meet at a right angle called?
A. parralelB. vertical
C. alternateD. perpendicular
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Question 7
What is the geometrical term for the green ray shown in the picture?
A. Angle pointB. Angle bisector
C. Corresponding rayD. Angle divider
Question 8
Name one line in the picture shown below.
Question 9
Find the supplement of 35o.
A. 105oB. 145o
C. 55oD. 65o
Question 10
Find the measure of the supplement of an angle whose complement measures 65 degrees?
A. 250B. 450
C. 1250D. 1550
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