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Question 1
A coin has a radius of 0.256 inch. What is the area of the coin to the nearest tenths?
A. 0.5B. 0.2
C. 0.7D. 0.1
Question 2
Calculate the area of the shaded portion.
A. 31.4 cm2B. 39.25 cm2
C. 48.25 cm2D. 78.5 cm2
Question 3
Point A and point B are located on the circumference of the circle shown below. The circle has an area of 28.26 sq.cm. What is the longest distance between point A and point B?
A. 3 cmB. 9 cm
C. 6 cmD. 2.6 cm
Question 4
A circle has a radius of 4 inches. Find the area of half of the circle?
A. 25.12 sq. in.B. 50.24 sq. in.
C. 26.67 sq. in.D. 22.40 sq. in.
Question 5
What is the area of a circle with circumference 31.4 cm?
A. 10 cm2B. 8.5 cm2
C. 5 cm2D. 78.5 cm2
Question 6
How many green circles would be needed to cover the area of the blue circle?
A. 4B. 16
C. 3D. 6
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Question 7
The circumference of a circle is 4.6π. What are the radius and area of this circle?
A. 2.8B. 9.2
C. 5.6D. 2.3
Question 8
A circle has a radius of 6 feet. What is the circumference of the circle to the nearest tenth? π = 3.14.
A. 38.7 feetB. 35.68 feet
C. 113.04 feetD. 37.7 feet
Question 9
What is the distance along the circumference of a part of a circle known as?
A. diameterB. tangent
C. arcD. radius
Question 10
Anna's study table is circular in shape. It has an area of 1256 square inches. Find its diameter.
A. 20 inchesB. 30 inches
C. 40 inchesD. 10 inches
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