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Question 1
What is the area of a square with perimeter 112 cm?
A. 12 sq cmB. 784 sq cm
C. 28 sq cmD. 684 sq cm
Question 2
Find the area of the trapezoid shown here.
A. 260 cm2B. 44 cm2
C. 102 cm2D. 130 cm2
Question 3
The areas of two similar polygons are in the ratio 36:64. Find the ratio of the corresponding sides.
A. 6:8B. 4:6
C. 9:16D. 2:9
Question 4
A parallelogram has a base of length 15 inches and an area of 90 square inches. Find its height.
A. 6 inchesB. 75 inches
C. 12 inchesD. 15 inches
Question 5
What is the area of a parallelogram with base 9 m, side length 21 m, and height 16 m?
A. 189 sq mB. 46 sq m
C. 124 sq mD. 144 sq m
Question 6
A parallelogram-shaped field has an area of 66 square yards and a height of 12 yards. Find the length of its base.
A. 54 yardsB. 24 yards
C. 5.5 yardsD. 3.6 yards
Question 7
How many tiles of size 100 cm squares are needed to cover a square shaped counter whose sides are 2 meter long?
A. 200B. 100
C. 400D. 40
Question 8
Find the area of an obtuse triangle with a base of 8 inches and a height of 12 inches.
A. 20 sq inB. 4 sq in
C. 36 sq inD. 48 sq in
Question 9
James wants to buy a rug to cover a square floor with an area of 144 ft2. What should be the length of each side of the rug?
A. 14 ftB. 16 ft
C. 12 ftD. 18 ft
Question 10
The base of a triangle with area of 27 square cm and height of 9 cm is _______.
A. 5 cmB. 6 cm
C. 5 cm.D. 112 cm.
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