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Question 1
What is the geometrical term to describe AC in the diagram shown below?
A. baseB. cosine
C. hypotenuseD. tangent
Question 2
Pythagoras' Theorem relates the lengths of the sides in a __________.
A. obtuse triangleB. equilateral Triangle
C. right-angled triangleD. rhombus
Question 3
Which side is hypotenuse in the triangle shown below?
C. LN and PND. NP
Question 4
Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of AC.
A. 7 cmB. 5 cm
C. 12 cmD. 25 cm
Question 5
Which of these set of numbers are Pythagorean triples?
A. 6, 9, 12B. 5, 12, 14
C. 5, 7, 10D. 6, 8, 10
Question 6
Cypress Hill park is 8 miles from Nelson Middle School, and 15 miles from Jefferson Library. A walking trail connects Nelson Middle School and Jefferson Library directly. Find the length of the walking trail.
A. 17 milesB. 120 miles
C. 161 milesD. 7 miles
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Question 7
Find the missing length. (Use Pythagorean Theorem)
A. 2 cmB. 12 cm
C. 100 cmD. 10 cm
Question 8
A box measures 20 inches long and 21 inches high. What is the diagonal length of the box?
A. 41 inchesB. 35 inches
C. 29 inchesD. 24 inches
Question 9
A rectangle has a width of 12 inches and a diagonal of 20 inches. Find the length of the rectangle.
A. 16 inchesB. 32 inches
C. 18 inchesD. 28 inches
Question 10
William placed a 37 foot ladder against a wall. If the base of the ladder is 12 feet from the base of the wall, how high up the wall will the ladder reach?
A. 17 feetB. 35 feet
C. 24 feetD. 49 feet
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