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Question 1
If two dice are rolled, there is ________________________.
A. one in two chance of rolling a pairB. one in six chance of rolling a pair
C. one in eight chance of rolling a pairD. none of the above
Question 2
A dice and a coin is rolled at the same time. What is the probability of getting five and tail?
A. 1/10B. 1/6
C. 2/7D. 1/12
Question 3
There are 15 groups of poker players in a hall including a group from Seattle. Each group has 4 players. If the organizer selects only 5 groups for the first round, what is the probability that the group from Seattle is selected?
A. 1/4B. 4/15
C. 1/3D. 4/5
Question 4
Two six-sided dice are rolled. Find the probability that the sum is 10.
A. 1/4B. 1/12
C. 1/6D. 1/9
Question 5
If you roll a number cube labeled 1-6 once, how likely is it that you would randomly roll a number less than 5?
A. 2/3B. 2/5
C. 5/6D. 1/12
Question 6
If the probability of an event is 0.39, what is the probability of its complement?
A. 0.33B. 0.71
C. 0.61D. 0.78
Question 7
The odds of an event are the ________________.
A. ratio of favorable outcomes to possible outcomes.B. ratio of 1 to favorable outcomes.
C. ratio of possible outcomes to unfavorable outcomes.D. ratio of favorable outcomes to unfavorable outcomes.
Question 8
John tossed a coin two times, what are the odds for it landing heads at least once?
A. 1 : 6B. 1 : 4
C. 3 : 4D. 2 : 5
Question 9
Which event will have an equally likely chance of happening?
A. If an event has a 5% chance of happeningB. If an event has a 50% chance of happening
C. If an event has a 100% chance of happeningD. If an event has a 0% chance of happening
Question 10
Aspen has 10 cards on her table. She wrote letter Z on 2 of them and letter Y on 8 of them. What are the odds that someone would randomly picks a card with letter Z?
A. 2 : 5B. 1 : 5
C. 2 : 8D. 1 : 4
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