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Question 1
Which word Rhymes with

A. NightB. Big
C. BillD. Leg
Question 2
What is the action word shown in the picture?
A. FeedingB. Reading
C. WritingD. Eating
Question 3
Select the correct break down of the following compound words in simple words.

1. Downhill
2. Workshop
A. 1. Down + Hill = Downhill
2. Work + Shop = Workshop
B. 1. Down + Hill = Downhill
2. Worksh + Op = Workshop
C. 1. Dow + Nhill = Downhill
2. Work + Shop = Workshop
D. 1. Down + Hill = Downhill
2. Wor + Kshop = Workshop
Question 4
Select the correct word to complete the sentence.

I have a _____ pen.
A. BluB. Blooe
C. BlueD. Gueen
Question 5
What is the action word for this picture?
A. SwimmingB. Running
C. SleepingD. Flying
Question 6
Find the correct spellings of the colors shown below.
A. Blue, Rad, Grean, YellowB. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
C. Blue, Red, Griin, YellawD. Blu, Red, Green, Yallow
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Question 7
What is the meaning of the word

A. to feel sadB. sleep good
C. to feel happyD. very nice friend
Question 8
Fill in the blank with correct word.

A duck is swimming in the ______ .
A. LandB. Cake
C. LakeD. Lack
Question 9
Choose the correct spelling for a word that means what comes after evening.
A. NightB. Nyte
C. NeightD. Knight
Question 10
Select the correct plural of the following items.

1. Egg
2. Puppy
A. 1. Egges
2. Puppyies
B. 1. Egges
2. Puppies
C. 1. Eggs
2. Puppys
D. 1. Eggs
2. Puppies
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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