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Outer Space

Outer space within the solar system is called interplanetary space. The vacuum of outer space is not really empty. Outer space is sparsely filled with several dozen types of organic molecules discovered to date by microwave spectroscopy. There is also gas, plasma and dust, and small meteors and material left over from previous manned and unmanned launches. These left over materials are a potential hazard to spacecraft. Some of this debris re-enters the atmosphere periodically.

The absence of air makes outer space ideal location for astronomy. The spectacular pictures sent back by the Hubble Space Telescope evidence this. Pictures and other data from unmanned space vehicles have provided invaluable information about the planets, asteroids and comets in our solar system.
Question 1
What is the main topic of the text?
A. PicturesB. Outer Space
C. Hubble Space TelescopeD. Microwave
Question 2
What advantage of the absence of air in the outer space is described in the text?
A. It is an ideal location for astronomyB. It is a bad location for astronomy
C. It is an ideal location to launch spacecraftD. It is a bad location to launch spacecraft
Question 3
What is used to discover organic molecules in the outer space?
A. Microwave SpectroscopyB. Hubble Space Telescope
C. AtmosphereD. Plasma
Question 4
What did Hubble Space Telescope send back?
A. AirB. Space Vehicles
C. PicturesD. Invaluable Information
Question 5
Which item is NOT left in outer space by the previous manned and unmanned launches?
A. GasB. Plasma
C. DustD. Rocks
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Question 6
I wish I had a house on the beach.
A. It is a factB. It is a fantasy
C. It is an opinionD. It is an analysis
Question 7
He believes that problem of poverty can be solved by the comprehensive education.
A. It is an opinionB. It is a fact
C. It is a fantasyD. It is an order
Question 8
"Oh, goodie!" cried Bunny, and he was so pleased at the idea of going to the depot in the pony cart that he did not make a fuss when his mother washed his hands and face.

What kind of feeling does the above sentence present.
A. SadB. Fussy
C. AngryD. Happy
Question 9
"What is this?" thought the emperor, "I do not see anything at all. That is terrible! Am I stupid? Am I unfit to be emperor? That would indeed be the most dreadful thing that could happen to me."

What kind of feeling does the sentence above present.
A. HappyB. Scared
C. IndifferentD. Surprised
Question 10
Select the most appropriate title for the following paragraph.

The deep sea is the lowest layer in the ocean. Little or no light penetrates this area of the ocean, and most of its organisms rely on falling organic for subsistence. For this reason, life is much sparser. The other essential ingredient in for life is oxygen, which is brought to the ocean's depths via the thermohaline circulation. Deep sea is one of the most hostile environments for life, and represents the least explored of all the world's ecosystems. Cold, dark and almost inaccessible to humans, it is perhaps the closest environment on earth to outer space.
A. OxygenB. Life in the deep sea
C. See food chainD. Deep see like space
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