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Question 1
Which is NOT a vowel?
A. iB. e
C. kD. a
Question 2
Identify vowels in the word Coins.
A. c and iB. o and i
C. n and oD. s and o
Question 3
Identify vowel in the word "Play".
A. aB. p
C. lD. y
Question 4
Which of the following is a vowel?
A. MB. N
C. UD. R
Question 5
Which word has two vowels?
A. SmallB. Tall
C. BigD. Fair
Question 6
Which word has more than two vowels?
A. CarB. Airplane
C. BusD. Truck
Question 7
Identify vowels in the word "Year".
A. y and rB. r and e
C. a and rD. e and a
Question 8
Identify vowels in the word "Welcome".
A. w and eB. e and o
C. e and cD. o and m
Question 9
Identify vowels in the word "Beautiful".
A. a, e, i and uB. a, e and u
C. a, e, b and uD. a, e, i and f
Question 10
Which word has only one vowel?
A. ButterB. Milk
C. BreadD. Muffin
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