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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
I love Spot. He turned two today. Spot is the best birthday present I ever got from my parents. I got Spot on my fifth birthday. Spot loves to play with me and my sister Amanda. He is a very friendly dog.
Question 1
Who is Spot?
A. CatB. Dog
C. TurtleD. Rabbit
Question 2
Spot is a _______________ dog.
A. ShyB. Lazy
C. FriendlyD. Big
Question 3
When did the writer get Spot?
A. On his fifth birthdayB. On his sister's birthday
C. On his sixth birthdayD. On his dad's birthday
Question 4
How old is Spot?
A. 1B. 3
C. 5D. 2
Question 5
What is the name of writer's sister?
A. SpotB. Amanda
C. EmilyD. Karen
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Our Solar System has nine planets that orbit a big star called the Sun. The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Mercury is the closest planet to our star. Earth is the only planet in our Solar System where we can live.
Question 6
How many planets are in our Solar System?
A. 5B. 8
C. 10D. 9
Question 7
Which planet is the closest to the Sun?
A. EarthB. Mercury
C. SaturnD. Jupiter
Question 8
In which of the following planets can we live?
A. Earth and MercuryB. Mercury
C. SunD. Earth
Question 9
Which planet is the third from the Sun?
A. SaturnB. Mercury
C. EarthD. Star
Question 10
Find an appropriate title for the article above.
A. The EarthB. Our Solar System
C. The MercuryD. The Saturn
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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