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Question 1
HINT: A word that means "More than one".

___ A___ Y
A. C and DB. M and N
C. R and SD. Q and R
Question 2
HINT: A word that means "NOT OLD".

___ E ___
A. F and GB. Q and M
C. N and WD. M and N
Question 3
HINT: A word that means "Something to be read".

___ O O ___
A. B and KB. M and K
C. K and RD. R and G
Question 4
HINT: Animals kept in houses.

___ E ___
A. R ant NB. Q and R
C. C and TD. P and T
Question 5
HINT: A tool for writing.

___ E ___
A. N and PB. P and N
C. R and TD. S and M
Question 6
HINT: Open this to enter a house.

___ O O ___
A. P and NB. D and R
C. S and MD. M and S
Question 7
HINT: Soft covering on floor.

__ U __
A. R and DB. P and D
C. T and RD. R and G
Question 8
HINT: The rear part of an animal.

__ A I __
A. T and LB. L and Q
C. K and LD. S and P
Question 9
HINT: Angry.

__ A __
A. R and SB. D and S
C. M and DD. Q and L
Question 10
HINT: Mouth of a bird.

__ E A __
A. M and KB. N and S
C. B and KD. S and J
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