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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
The Starry Night is a painting by a Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. It is not a painting of a real visual landscape, but a free compilation of local topics that can be seen in the neighborhood of the asylum in Saint-Rémy. The artist expressed his feeling about the painting to his brother Theo and said "This morning I saw the country from my window a long time before sunrise, with nothing but the morning star, which looked very big."

The painting, "The Starry Night", has been compared to an astronomical photograph of a star named V838 Monocerotis, taken by the Hubble in 2004. The clouds of gas surrounding the star resemble the swirling patterns van Gogh used in this painting.
Question 1
What is the main focus of the story?
A. Night timeB. A painting
C. A starD. Night patterns
Question 2
What inspired Vincent van Gogh to paint "The Starry Night"?
A. A very big morning starB. V838 Monocerotis
C. A real visual landscapeD. His brother Theo
Question 3
What kind of painting is "The Starry Night"?
A. A real visual landscape of ParisB. A collection of many paintings by painter
C. A collection of many themes in Saint-RémyD. A collection of many stars in Saint-Rémy
Question 4
What is Hubble?
A. A rocketB. A photographer
C. A starD. A telescope
Question 5
What is the similarity between "The Starry Night" and "V838 Monocerotis"?
A. Both are photographsB. Both have swirling patterns
C. Both have straight patternsD. Both are paintings
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
'O princess! I went for water, and I saw an image, and I was afraid.' So another girl went to the water and saw the same thing, and came back with the same story. The princess wished to see for herself; she rose and paced to the spot with the march of a prancing peacock. When she saw the image, she said to her nurse: 'Find out who is reflected in the water, and where he lives.' Her words reached the prince's ear, he lifted up his head; she saw him and beheld beauty such as she had never seen before. She lost a hundred hearts to him, and signed to her nurse to bring him to her presence. The prince let himself be persuaded to go with the nurse, but when the princess questioned him as to who he was and how he had got into her garden, he behaved like a man out of his mind--sometimes smiling, sometimes crying, and saying: 'I am hungry,' Or words misplaced and random, civil mixed with the rude.
Question 6
What did those girls see in the water?
A. A ghostB. A prince
C. An imageD. A princess
Question 7
How did the prince react in response to the princess' question?
A. IndifferentB. Very calm
C. Totally rudeD. A bit crazy
Question 8
What did the princess order to her nurse?
A. To find out whose shadow is in the waterB. To bring the princess to her presence
C. To bring the prince to her presenceD. To find out where the prince lives
Question 9
What made prince lift his head?
A. Princess' question to the princeB. A musical note
C. Reflection in the waterD. Princess' question to the nurse
Question 10
Where was the water that reflected an image?
A. In a gardenB. In an ocean
C. Around the palaceD. In a cave
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