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Question 1
The Red Tower is ______ than the Black Tower.
A. SmallerB. Brighter
C. TallerD. Slimmer
Question 2
Blue bird is _______ than green bird.
A. SmallerB. Happier
C. BiggerD. Smarter
Question 3
The large table is _______ than the small table.
A. BrighterB. Nicer
C. WiderD. Clear
Question 4
The purple pencil is _________ than the yellow pencil.
A. ColderB. Thinner
C. SharperD. Drier
Question 5
The girl is ________ than the boy.
A. TallerB. Hungrier
C. FasterD. Happier
Question 6
The ice-cream is ________ than the cake.
A. ColderB. Hotter
C. FunnierD. Faster
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Question 7
The car is ________ than the bicycle.
A. SlowerB. Toastier
C. FasterD. Greener
Question 8
The large box is _________ than the small box.
A. SmarterB. Heavier
C. PrettierD. Clever
Question 9
The tea cup is ________ than the soda bottle.
A. HotterB. Colder
C. DrierD. Wetter
Question 10
Sam is ________ than Julie.
A. BitterB. Slower
C. FasterD. Older
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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