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Question 1
In summer, the air is ____.
A. coldB. hot
C. fatD. blue
Question 2
We saw an elephant at the ____.
A. homeB. school
C. moonD. zoo
Question 3
My mom baked a ____.
A. cakeB. wheel
C. sunD. swim
Question 4
Maria has a ____ pup.
A. nightB. little
C. youD. play
Question 5
It should be a sunny ____.
A. nightB. old
C. treeD. day
Question 6
My dad locked the ____.
A. readB. sea
C. doorD. play
Question 7
Robin is ____ with her friends.
A. schoolB. playing
C. whiteD. air
Question 8
I saw two airplanes flying in the ____.
A. skyB. book
C. glassD. tree
Question 9
The parents played with their ____.
A. oldB. time
C. childrenD. soft
Question 10
The cherries were very ____.
A. sevenB. Monday
C. countD. sweet
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