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Question 1
Fish live in ____.
A. BookB. Sky
C. WaterD. Tree
Question 2
Birds ___ wings, feathers and a beak but have no teeth.
A. AreB. Have
C. GoD. Play
Question 3
I have two brothers ____ one sister.
A. AndB. Three
C. MondayD. Them
Question 4
The girl and ____ mother are cleaning the house.
A. FatherB. Her
C. TeacherD. Where
Question 5
I was born in ____.
A. ReadB. Sit
C. ForD. June
Question 6
It was a cold winter night. I wanted to ____ hot chocolate.
A. SleepB. Windy
C. DrinkD. Fast
Question 7
Martha can ____ a story.
A. JumpB. Cookies
C. PianoD. Write
Question 8
Harry and his mother decorated the ____.
A. WashB. Tree
C. HaveD. Karate
Question 9
___ is the largest continent.
A. AsiaB. Land
C. LaughingD. Fun
Question 10
I saw Jason at the ____.
A. GoingB. Big
C. BakeD. Library
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