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Question 1
A little dictionary at the back of a book is called a _______.
A. TitleB. Table of Contents
C. IndexD. Glossary
Question 2
The name of a book is called the ______.
A. IndexB. Author
C. TitleD. Table of Contents
Question 3
The person who writes a book is called an ______.
A. ArchitectB. Builder
C. IndexD. Author
Question 4
The person who writes a poem is called _______.
A. PoetB. Writer
C. PoetryD. Scientist
Question 5
A make-believe (not real) story is called _____.
A. FictionB. Biography
C. Chapter BookD. Fact
Question 6
Telling what is likely to happen, based on the facts is called ______.
A. IndexingB. Predicting
C. ReadingD. Illustrating
Question 7
A list of topics contained in a book is called _____.
A. GlossaryB. Dictionary
C. Table of ContentsD. Title
Question 8
The people or animals in a story are called ______.
A. AuthorsB. Characters
C. WritersD. Humans
Question 9
The most important idea in a story is called the ______.
A. Main CharacterB. Main Idea
C. IndexD. Content
Question 10
Small sections of a book are called ______.
A. PagesB. Contents
C. ChaptersD. Indexes
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