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Question 1
A person who draws pictures for a book is called a(n) ______.
A. AuthorB. Drawer
C. ArtistD. Illustrator
Question 2
A book containing words alphabetically arranged along with their meanings is called _______.
A. DictionaryB. Year Book
C. BiographyD. Fiction
Question 3
Something that can be proved is called a(n) ______.
A. FictionB. Opinion
C. FactD. Picture
Question 4
A person who writes a book is called an ______.
A. ReaderB. Teacher
C. ArtistD. Author
Question 5
A book about someone's life is called a ______.
A. PoemB. Fiction
C. BiographyD. History
Question 6
A writing with rhyming words is called ______.
A. PoetryB. Biography
C. ReferenceD. Dictionary
Question 7
Which of these provides you information about current events?
A. DictionaryB. Newspaper
C. FictionD. Science Fiction
Question 8
A story based on the imagination and not on facts is called _______?
A. HistoryB. Non-fiction
C. PoetryD. Fiction
Question 9
A person who reads books is called a______.
A. PoetB. Reader
C. ScientistD. Author
Question 10
A book of words and their synonyms is called a ________.
A. FactB. Contents
C. ThesaurusD. Chapter
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