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Question 1
Kelly bought a few ______ to decorate her purse.
A. LearnB. Meat
C. BeadsD. Great
Question 2
The house was very ______ .
A. QuietB. Right
C. DriveD. Create
Question 3
Martha poured 12 ounces of ______ into a pan.
A. BladesB. Fluids
C. CanD. Diet
Question 4
Jesse knows how to play a ______.
A. KarateB. Coal
C. NoiseD. Piano
Question 5
Ryan can ______ very well.
A. BeadB. Head
C. BrownD. Read
Question 6
The ______ was so loud that it was hurting my ears.
A. NoiseB. Diet
C. RuinD. Great
Question 7
You must have fruits and vegetables in your daily ______.
A. NightB. Diet
C. DrinkD. Eight
Question 8
I saw ______ monkeys jumping on a tree.
A. EightB. Bread
C. ThatD. Red
Question 9
Nicholas was wearing a red shirt and a ______ pant.
A. BigB. Marry
C. BlueD. Leopard
Question 10
Allosaurus was a large, _______ eating dinosaur.
A. BeachB. Fun
C. BeautyD. Meat
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