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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
There once lived a poor tailor, who had a son called Aladdin. Aladdin was a careless, lazy boy who would do nothing but play all day long in the streets. This made the poor tailor so sad that he died. In spite of his father's sudden death and mother's tears, Aladdin did not change his ways. One day, when Aladdin was playing in the streets, a stranger asked him if he was not the son of Mustapha the tailor. "I am, sir," replied Aladdin; "but he died a long while ago." On this the stranger, who was a famous African magician, fell on his neck and kissed him, saying: "I am your uncle, Go to your mother and tell her I am coming." Aladdin ran home and told his mother of his newly found uncle. "Indeed, child," she said, "your father had a brother, but I always thought he was dead." However, she prepared supper, and sent Aladdin out to seek his uncle, who came laden with wine and fruits.
Question 1
What was Aladdin's father?
A. A doctorB. A tailor
C. An ArchitectD. A Magician
Question 2
What word describes Aladdin?
A. Hard WorkingB. Smart
C. LazyD. Active
Question 3
What did Aladdin do all day?
A. help his dadB. read books
C. play in the streetsD. sleep
Question 4
Who did Aladdin meet in the streets?
A. his grandfatherB. his brother
C. his cousinD. his uncle
Question 5
Aladdin's uncle was a _____________.
A. teacherB. trader
C. magicianD. singer
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Once upon a time a little jackal lived near the bank of a great river. Every day he went down to the water to catch the crabs. Not far away, in the same river, lived a cruel alligator. He saw the little jackal come down to the water every day. The alligator thought, "What a nice tender meal that little jackal would make if I could only catch him!" One day the alligator hid in the mud, where the water was not too deep near the shore. Only the tip of his nose stuck out, and that looked very much like the back of a crab. Soon the little jackal came running along the bank of the river seeking his usual food. When he saw the end of the alligator's nose, he thought he had found a fine big crab. He put in his paw to scoop it out of the mud.
Question 6
Where did the jackal live?
A. near the great mountainB. near the great city
C. behind a houseD. near the bank of a river
Question 7
How was the alligator's behavior?
A. KindB. Mean
C. HappyD. Honest
Question 8
Where did the alligator hide?
A. on a treeB. under the deep Water
C. in the mudD. behind a wood
Question 9
Why did the jackal go to the river everyday?
A. to catch the leavesB. to catch the crabs
C. to catch the starfishD. to catch the alligator
Question 10
What did the alligator want to do with the little jackal?
A. play with himB. teach him
C. be his friendD. eat him
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