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The following text/image is for 1 through 5

The Sun is one out of billions of stars. The Sun is the closest star to Earth. The Sun rotates once every 27 days. It is the largest object in our solar system. It is a giant spinning ball made up of gases. The Earth is very tiny compared to the Sun. The light from the Sun heats our world and makes life possible. Without the Sun, life on Earth would not exist and our planet would be a frozen dark ball. We need the Sun for light, heat and energy. With the Sun, plants can grow, and animals can eat.

Question 1
What is the largest object in our solar system?
A. EarthB. Mars
C. MoonD. Sun
Question 2
The Sun is made-up of ____________.
A. WaterB. Gases
C. PlantsD. Rocks
Question 3
The Sun is a _______.
A. RockB. Cloud
C. StarD. Moon
Question 4
What do the plants and animals get from the Sun?
A. Light and HeatB. Clothes and Shelter
C. Water and AirD. Ice and Water
Question 5
Which of the following sentences is CORRECT?
A. Earth is a starB. The Earth is smaller than the Sun
C. The Sun is made-up of frozen ballsD. The Sun rotates once every 7 days
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10

Turtles are reptiles with round hard shells, four legs and a tail. They all have scales and lay eggs. They cannot control their body temperature from within. They warm themselves by moving to a sunlit spot. They cool themselves by finding shade or getting into water. There are over 250 species of turtles. Turtles are found all over the globe except in Antarctica. They live in the oceans, rivers, and lakes as well as forests, grasslands, and deserts. The baby turtles eat mostly insects. As they grow larger, they eat plants as well as insects, worms and fish.

Question 6
Which fact about the turtles is NOT CORRECT?
A. Turtles can be found on land and underwater.B. Turtles have a round hard shell on their body.
C. Turtles have four legs and a tail.D. Turtles live in Antarctica.
Question 7
What do the baby turtles eat?
A. EggsB. Sand
C. InsectsD. Plants
Question 8
How do the turtles warm themselves?
A. By getting into the water.B. By making nests on the tree tops.
C. By moving to the city.D. By moving to a sunlit spot.
Question 9
How many species of turtles are found worldwide?
A. 50B. 250
C. 500D. 100
Question 10
An adult turtle eats insects, worms, fish and _________.
A. PlantsB. Papers
C. RocksD. Sand
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