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Question 1
The Sun is the closest ______ to Earth.
A. GirlB. Hurt
C. StarD. Bird
Question 2
Jerry built a big ______ for his cows.
A. ArmB. Barn
C. BornD. Heard
Question 3
Mom puts the groceries into the ______.
A. CartB. Corn
C. HardD. Cord
Question 4
Please put some napkins and ______ on the dinner table.
A. FarmB. Girl
C. ForksD. Ears
Question 5
Little Tracy was feeding the ______.
A. SharkB. Hair
C. BarkD. Birds
Question 6
Mary planted some tulips in her ______.
A. ChairB. Yard
C. StoreD. Fort
Question 7
I saw five blue ______ flying right by my eyes.
A. BirdsB. Cars
C. FernsD. Far
Question 8
My cousin owns a toy ______ in the city.
A. HairB. Store
C. FairD. Girl
Question 9
Turtles have no visible ______ .
A. HurtB. Surf
C. CarsD. Ears
Question 10
The baby squirrel was holding a ______ in his hands.
A. HornB. Burn
C. FarmD. corn
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