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Question 1
Effect: He won the baseball trophy.

What is the cause?
A. He loved swimmingB. His dad bought him a new CD
C. He practiced very hardD. He went to see his aunt
Question 2
Cause: You should brush your teeth daily.

What is the effect?
A. It rained yesterdayB. The hall was full
C. I got highest score in MathD. You will not get cavities
Question 3
Cause: I fell sick last week.

What is the effect?
A. I played pianoB. Playing piano was fun
C. We went to the storeD. I missed the School's Annual Festival
Question 4
Cause: I run five miles everyday.

What is the effect?
A. I will win the marathon this yearB. I took swimming lessons last year
C. Apples are fun to eatD. It took me long time to run the race.
Question 5
Effect: The plant grew tall.

What is the cause?
A. School is funB. The sun gives us light
C. I love dancing in the rainD. It received a lot of water and sun
Question 6
Effect:  I could not find a chair to sit.

What is the cause?
A. The movie was very shortB. This is my favorite painting
C. The theater was fullD. We made lots of friends
Question 7
Effect: The radio stopped working.

What is the cause?
A. I bought a new DVDB. It ran out of battery
C. The ride was funD. It was dark outside
Question 8
Effect: It blew my cap.

What is the cause?
A. Red cap was prettierB. He forgot to water the plants
C. The cat was lonelyD. The wind was very strong
Question 9
Effect: We went to the grocery store. .

What is the cause?
A. Rain was heavyB. We ran out of bread
C. It was a very cold winter nightD. There were bread crumbs on the floor
Question 10
Cause:  Eddy came home late.

What is the effect?
A. He missed his TV showB. He drove a new car
C. He drives a truckD. Water was cold
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