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Question 1
What is the byproduct of Photosynthesis?
A. OxygenB. Nitrogen
C. Carbon monoxideD. Carbon dioxide
Question 2
What class of plants has two Cotyledons in seeds?
As shown in the above picture.
A. MonocotsB. Dicots
C. HerbsD. None of the above
Question 3
What kind of force is there between the two celestial objects shown in the above picture?
A. ElectricalB. Magnetic
C. PulleyD. Gravity
Question 4
What will be the effect of pressure on the airplane wing shown in the picture?
A. Pressure will lift it upB. Pressure will pull it down
C. Pressure will move it forwardD. Pressure will speed it up
Question 5
What will be the impact of force on the motion of the object shown below?
A. It will accelerate the objectB. It will speed up the object
C. It will slow down the objectD. It will have no impact on the object
Question 6
What happens to the molecules of a liquid when heated?
A. They become less active and may freezeB. They become more active and may break away from liquid
C. They become less active and may break away from liquidD. Heat does not effect liquid
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Question 7
How do you compare the pitch of Wave - A and Wave - B?
A. Frequency of Wave-A > Frequency of Wave-BB. Frequency of Wave-A < Frequency of Wave-B
C. Frequency of Wave-A = Frequency of Wave-BD. Can not tell by the picture
Question 8
A green color leaf will absorb all colors of light except?
A. BlueB. Black
C. YellowD. Green
Question 9
What image show go in the box?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 10
What kind of fuel is formed from the decay of ancient biological life?
A. Fossil fuelB. Propane
C. Chemical batteryD. Solar energy
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