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Question 1
Which is TRUE?
A. 40% is less than 0.34B. 1.05 is greater than 90%
C.  is less than 55%D. 0.03 is greater than 10%
Question 2
Alina bought a bag of beads. of the beads were red, of the beads were green and the rest were blue. What fractional part of the bag of beads was blue?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 3
Find the ratio of the area of square A to the area of square B.
A. 2 : 1B. 4 : 1
C. 6 : 3D. 3: 1
Question 4
Emily made a carrot cake pudding. 25% of it was carrot, 45% was milk and rest was flour. If the total weight of the pudding was 1.25 kg, then calculate the weight of the flour used.
A. 375 gms B. 475 gms
C. 575 gmsD. 425 gms
Question 5
Paul has a numbered dice with digit 1-6 on its faces. If he rolls the dice once, what is the probability of rolling 4?
A. B. 
C. D. 
Question 6
Determine the value of the angle y.
A. 65oB. 115o
C. 105oD. 180o
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Question 7
How many inches are in yards?
A. 144B. 132
C. 164D. 156
Question 8
What is the least common multiple of 100 and 30?
A. 150B. 100
C. 300D. 250
Question 9

11 × 4 + 12 ÷ 4 − 3 × 3
A. 38B. 5
C. 6D. 32
Question 10
Which is the CORRECT variable expression for the following word phrase?

Twenty-five more than twice a number y
A. y + 25B. 2y = 25
C. 25 > 2yD. 2y + 25
Free Worksheets From myTestBook.com ------ © myTestBook.com, Inc.

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