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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
A Tricky Wolf saw this group of Rats, and began to plan how he could catch them. He wanted to eat them. But he did not know how to make that possible. At last he thought of a plan. He went to a corner near the home of the Rats and waited until he saw one of the Rat coming. Then he stood up on his back legs.
The Chief of the Rats said to the Wolf, "Wolf, why do you stand on your back legs?"

"Because I am lame," said the Tricky Wolf. "It hurts me to stand on my front legs."

"And why do you keep your mouth open?" asked the Rat. "I keep my mouth open so that I may drink in all the air I can," said the Wolf. "I live on air." I can not run or walk, so I stay here.
The Chief of the Rats was sorry for the Wolf, and he went each night and morning with all the other Rats to talk with the Wolf, who seemed so poor.

Each time as the Rats were leaving, the Wolf caught and ate the last one. Then he wiped his lips, and looked as if nothing had happened.
Question 1
Choose an appropriate title for the above story.
A. The Tricky RatB. The Sick Wolf
C. The Tricky WolfD. The Group of Rats
Question 2
What did the Wolf want to do with the Rats?
A. Live in their houseB. Play with them
C. Dance with themD. Eat them
Question 3
Why did the Wolf stand on his back legs?
A. His front legs were hurtB. To trick the Rats
C. He did not know how to stand on four legsD. He was sick
Question 4
Why did the Rats go to talk to the Wolf?
A. They were scared of the WolfB. They wanted to kill the Wolf
C. They felt sorry for the WolfD. They wanted to trick the Wolf
Question 5
What did the Wolf do each time the Rats come to visit him?
A. Played with the RatsB. Caught and ate the last Rat from the group
C. Had a sleep over with the last RatD. Hugged the last Rat and cried
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Once upon a time a Deer lived in a forest near a lake. Not far from the same lake, a Woodpecker had a nest in the top of a tree; and in the lake lived a Turtle. The three were friends, and lived together happily.
One day, a hunter saw the footprints of the Deer near the lake. "I must trap the Deer, going down into the water," he said, and setting a strong trap of leather, he went his way.
Early that night when the Deer went down to drink, he was caught in the trap, and he cried the cry of capture.
The Woodpecker flew down from her tree-top, and the Turtle came out of the water to see what could be done.
Said the Woodpecker to the Turtle: "Friend, you have teeth; you bite through the leather trap. I will go and try to keep the hunter away. If we both do our best our friend will not lose his life."
Question 6
What could be the best title for the above story?
A. The Poor DeerB. The Cruel Hunter
C. The WoodpeckerD. The True Friends
Question 7
Where did the Deer live?
A. Near a lakeB. Near the hunter's house
C. In the woodsD. In the village
Question 8
What happened when the deer went down to drink water?
A. He fell into the lakeB. He heard the Turtle crying
C. He got caught in a trapD. He heard the Woodpecker laughing
Question 9
What did the Woodpecker and the Turtle do when they saw the Deer trapped?
A. They ran awayB. They went to the jungle to hide
C. They requested the hunter to let the Deer goD. They made a plan to rescue the Deer
Question 10
What did the Woodpecker ask the Turtle to do?
A. Kill the hunterB. Bite through the leather trap
C. Burn the leather trapD. Cut the leather trap with a sharp knife
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