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Question 1
What do you call the number that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself?
A. Natural numbersB. Perfect numbers
C. Composite numbersD. Prime numbers
Question 2
If a number is even, and is divisible by 3, then what is true about that number?
A. It will be divisible by 5.B. It will be divisible by 6.
C. It will be divisible by 4.D. It will be divisible by 8.
Question 3
Which of the following numbers is divisible by 11?
A. 5,435B. 70,169,308
C. 911,153D. 1,351
Question 4
Which is an example of twin prime numbers?
A. 11, 17B. 5, 11
C. 3, 7D. 3, 5
Question 5
Which one of the following numbers is a Prime number?

147, 123, 167, 117
A. 123B. 117
C. 147D. 167
Question 6
What do you call the two numbers, which have only 1 as a common factors?
A. Odd numbersB. Prime numbers
C. Even numbersD. Co-Prime numbers
Question 7
What least value should be filled in the box, so that the number 523 is divisible by 9 ?
A. 0B. 3
C. 8D. 6
Question 8
If an even number is divided by 2, then the quotient is __________.
A. always an Odd numberB. always an even number
C. either odd or an even numberD. neither odd nor an even number
Question 9
The number 5,258 is divisible by which of the following numbers?
A. 3B. 6
C. 11D. 9
Question 10
Which one is the perfect number ?
A. 7B. 15
C. 28D. 2
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