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Question 1
Mathew found five _______ at the beach.
A. closeB. blank
C. shellsD. when
Question 2
_______ is your class teacher?
A. WhoB. Anything
C. CheapD. Thunder
Question 3
The baby _______ was following his mother.
A. whenB. thumb
C. chickD. think
Question 4
_______ have the most powerful jaws on the planet.
A. CliffB. What
C. ThinkD. Sharks
Question 5
Jesse forgot to _______ her name on the test sheet.
A. whichB. write
C. lambD. ship
Question 6
I heard the _______ ringing.
A. chairB. there
C. phoneD. knife
Question 7
The story is about a big and scary _______.
A. whereB. who
C. thatD. ghost
Question 8
_______ country has the largest population?
A. WhichB. Thumb
C. ShoreD. Champion
Question 9
To become a _______ he worked very hard.
A. choreB. champion
C. thinD. that
Question 10
Sarah finished all her _______ before going to bed.
A. sheB. shut
C. thankD. chores
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