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Question 1
"You can't get away from me, Ariel!" shouted Ursula. "You're my slave now."
A. NeutralB. Disappointed
C. AngryD. Scared
Question 2
"I am really not happy with you", said the mother of two boys.
A. HappyB. Neutral
C. AngryD. Scared
Question 3
"This is such a wonderful day in my life", said Tommy to his dad.
A. SadB. Happy
C. DisappointedD. Angry
Question 4
"I lost my ball, my truck and story book", said Greg wiping his tears with his palm.
A. SadB. Angry
C. HappyD. Bored
Question 5
"My cap!" shouted Polina as Jesse handed her the cap. She hugged Jesse.
A. DisappointedB. Sad
C. AngryD. Happy
Question 6
His project did not satisfy his teacher. This is not what his teacher wanted him to do.
A. HappyB. Neutral
C. AngryD. Disappointed
Question 7
The king was furious to hear the news about his new kingdom. He ordered to attack the rebels.
A. BoredB. Angry
C. HappyD. Sad
Question 8
"The city has lost many people and the damage to the property is severe", said the president. "This is not a time for a celebration."
A. AngryB. Happy
C. SadD. Neutral
Question 9
"Wow! This is awesome. Thank you for giving me my favorite book", said Tara with a broad smile on her face.
A. SadB. Angry
C. BoredD. Happy
Question 10
Julianne never liked going in the dark. She was feeling that something bad would happen to her. Her face was yellow and she was sweating.
A. ScaredB. Angry
C. SadD. Happy
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