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Question 1
I could not sleep and was doing topsy-turvy in the bed whole night.
A. To dream.B. To turn straight.
C. To flip over and turn upside down.D. To sleep well.
Question 2
Rita was happy as a clam when she heard that she is going to the Disney land.
A. To look like a clam.B. To go places.
C. To make clam happy.D. To be very happy.
Question 3
After completing his 3-year jail sentence, he is as straight as an arrow.
A. To straighten an arrow.B. To stay out of trouble.
C. To stay in trouble.D. To become an arrow.
Question 4
Our politicians have promised so much but did nothing. I think what they say is all smoke and mirrors.
A. To tell the truth.B. To promise and deliver.
C. To confuse or deceive people.D. To promise too much.
Question 5
"If you don't change your behavior no one will ever like you," said Doris, "You can mark my words."
A. To mark paper with words.B. To be proven correct.
C. To be proven wrong.D. To mark words on a wall.
Question 6
John got a new job that is very well paying. He is making money hand over fist.
A. Making a lot of money fast.B. Making a little bit of money.
C. Making a hand of paper money.D. Make money on a bad job.
Question 7
I told him a secret but he could not keep it under his hat and told everyone.
A. Keep it under the hat.B. Tell a secret.
C. Wear a secret hat.D. Keep a secret.
Question 8
Winston never prepared for his speeches; they were always delivered on the fly.
A. Talk to a fly.B. While flying.
C. To create something without planning ahead.D. Deliver speech while flying.
Question 9
When his whole argument was proven completely wrong, he was eating a humble pie.
A. To be proven wrong.B. To be proven correct.
C. To prove someone wrong.D. To eat a pie after an argument.
Question 10
After you finish MBA degree, you will find that the world is your oyster.
A. To get a good job.B. To enjoy the world.
C. To have the ability and the freedom to do anything.D. To have the ability to eat oyster.
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