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Question 1
Munster was a well-known con artist; he got millions by cheating other people.
A. A person skilled at pleasing others.B. A person skilled at cheating or swindling others.
C. A person who likes to sing.D. A person who likes millions.
Question 2
The new office building they built has become a white elephant. They have to spend a lot of money to keep it neat and clean but hardly any one is interested in renting it.
A. A white animal with a large trunk.B. Something that is nice to look at.
C. Something that is costly to build or maintain and provides little benefit.D. Something that is cheap to obtain or maintain and provides lots of benefit.
Question 3
It is time to face the music on for what you did to your friend.
A. To accept the truth.B. To listen the music.
C. To sing the truth.D. To deny the truth.
Question 4
Everyone can see that he is not telling the truth and shedding crocodile tears.
A. Wiping off the tears.B. Cry with no tears.
C. Kill crocodiles.D. Pretending to cry with fake tears.
Question 5
I almost missed my train; it came right down to the wire.
A. At the last minute.B. Riding on wire.
C. Very early on.D. Missing a train.
Question 6
Leader of the party requested to not to react to the opponents dirty actions and stay away from tit for tat kind of behavior.
A. To reciprocate opposite.B. To reciprocate in kind.
C. To stay at home.D. To stay away.
Question 7
Don't worry, by hook or by crook we will get to the airport on time.
A. To accomplish something with worry.B. To accomplish nothing at the airport.
C. Driving fast to the airport.D. To accomplish something by whatever means necessary.
Question 8
My brother gave thumbs up to the new movie.
A. To mark down.B. To give speech.
C. To dislike.D. To give approval.
Question 9
Salaries in this area are so low that most people here live hand to mouth.
A. To be poor and not able to support yourself.B. Use your hands and mouth to live.
C. To be poor and eat using your hands.D. To be rich and have fun.
Question 10
When Tina saw Polk High team winning; she jumped on the bandwagon and became Polk High fan.
A. To jump high.B. To be a fan.
C. To follow the popular trend.D. To jump down on a cart.
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