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Question 1
Pull someone's leg
A. To act smartB. To play a trick on someone
C. Hang-out with friendsD. To rescue someone
Question 2
Quite a few
A. Small numberB. Hiding something
C. Working hardD. Large number
Question 3
Put on your thinking cap
A. Buy a capB. Do not think
C. Start thinkingD. Put your cap on
Question 4
A. ScreamB. Fuss
C. SmoothD. Gossip
Question 5
Cloud nine
A. SadB. Happy
C. Black cloudsD. Rain
Question 6
Catch on
A. TrapB. Hit
C. UnderstandD. Hear
Question 7
Bell the cat
A. Put a bell on the catB. Show a bell to the cat
C. To listen carefullyD. To do something risky
Question 8
Couch potato
A. A potato sitting on the couchB. A smart person
C. A lazy personD. A good day
Question 9
Let down
A. DisappointmentB. Satisfaction
C. Sitting downD. Attack
Question 10
Keep in touch
A. Stay awayB. Be in contact
C. Touching somethingD. Argue over something
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