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Question 1
He always visits his grandparents during winter holidays.
A. MoreB. Expert
C. NeverD. Dull
Question 2
Ronnie has agreed to raise money for the school team.
A. ApproveB. Disagree
C. AdmitD. Hopeless
Question 3
When I entered into the room he was fast asleep.
A. SleepB. Set
C. DisappearD. Awake
Question 4
My little sister Moreen can count backward from 100.
A. ForwardB. Slow
C. FastD. Forever
Question 5
Mr. Wagner exercises every day to increase his physical power.
A. DefrostB. Damp
C. MoreD. Decrease
Question 6
The pond was 6 feet deep.
A. ShallowB. Flat
C. PointedD. Far
Question 7
There was plenty of food for everyone.
A. PoliteB. Freed
C. LimitedD. Riding
Question 8
The king organized a grand feast in his palace to celebrate his victory.
A. WinB. Defeat
C. ProvideD. Carry
Question 9
Please be careful when you step off the bus.
A. AlertB. Harmless
C. StarveD. Careless
Question 10
It took my dad five days to build the doghouse.
A. MakeB. Destroy
C. ArrangeD. Purpose
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