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Question 1
"Blake said the quiz was difficult. To me it looked as easy as pie."
A. Very longB. Very easy
C. DifficultD. Tasty
Question 2
I asked Maria to keep an eye on the time. Since, we had to reach the theater at 6:30.
A. Buy a nice watchB. Forget something
C. Check regularlyD. Working hard
Question 3
"You shouldn't have missed class yesterday. We had a pop quiz."
A. Unannounced short testB. Getting a drink
C. Playing a fun gameD. Paying attention
Question 4
Alexa does not like to bad-mouth anyone. She is a great person.
A. To praiseB. To fight
C. To helpD. To criticize
Question 5
"Derek broke his mother's heart when he dropped out of school."
A. Make someone proudB. Very tired
C. make someone feel very sadD. Very late at night
Question 6
My new roommate's snoring habit at night is getting on my nerves.
A. RiskyB. Annoying
C. ArgumentD. Feeling sad
Question 7
It is raining cats and dogs since morning. I could not go to play out side.
A. Walking cats and dogsB. Bathing cats and dogs
C. A busy dayD. Heavy rainfall
Question 8
"Where were you? I have not seen you for ages."
A. Difficult to believeB. An old person
C. Help someoneD. For a very long time
Question 9
"I have no hard feelings toward Eric; I know that he deserves this trophy."
A. Bitter feelingsB. Go to sleep
C. Ignoring someoneD. Be without money
Question 10
I like to play golf with my friends once in a while.
A. From time to timeB. Never
C. EverydayD. Be very careful
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