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Question 1
My favorite color is _____.
A. blewB. blue
C. bluD. below
Question 2
He _____ me a few pictures last week.
A. centB. scent
C. senseD. sent
Question 3
I _____ too much for dinner.
A. ateB. eight
C. eateD. eite
Question 4
I _____ my homework after school.
A. dueB. dew
C. doD. dow
Question 5
Brooke paid eighty dollars for the bus _____.
A. fairB. far
C. fareD. feir
Question 6
It was _____ his fault.
A. naughtB. knot
C. noteD. not
Question 7
Sarah would like to _____ him.
A. meatB. meit
C. meetD. mete
Question 8
My brother _____ a prize at the Art and Craft Show.
A. oneB. won
C. woneD. on
Question 9
I saw a _____ coat hanging in the closet.
A. readB. reed
C. raidD. red
Question 10
Mom went _____ the grocery store to buy milk.
A. toB. two
C. tooD. toe
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