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Question 1
The wind _______hard.
A. blueB. blew
C. bluD. bloe
Question 2
I want to _______ a doctor when I grow up.
A. beeB. by
C. bieD. be
Question 3
There are _______ birds sitting on a tree.
A. foreB. for
C. fourD. fear
Question 4
It is wrong to _______.
A. steelB. stile
C. stillD. steal
Question 5
Did he _______ you this watch?
A. byeB. buy
C. biD. bee
Question 6
I go to school _______ bus.
A. buyB. bye
C. byD. none of the above
Question 7
He said _______ to us with a sad face.
A. byeB. bi
C. buyD. none of the above
Question 8
They left _______ bags at our house.
A. thereB. they
C. the'reD. their
Question 9
I ______ the whole chapter in one day.
A. redB. read
C. reedD. rode
Question 10
Miley _______ why Joanne didn't talk to her.
A. noseB. no'se
C. knowsD. noose
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