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Question 1
It was the most _________ moment of my life.
A. wonderingB. wondered
C. wonderfulD. wonderly
Question 2
Sally was _________ when she held the baby.
A. caringB. careful
C. caredD. cares
Question 3
I was _________ when I first saw that movie.
A. scaredB. scaringly
C. scaringD. scares
Question 4
Her baby _________ well at night.
A. sleepyB. sleeping
C. sleepfulD. sleeps
Question 5
The room looked bright and _________.
A. coloringB. colorful
C. colorfullyD. colors
Question 6
She is a very loving and _________ person.
A. careB. caring
C. caredD. cares
Question 7
I am _________ to get good marks in math test.
A. hopedB. hopes
C. hopelessD. hoping
Question 8
Julia is very_________ to everybody.
A. FriendsB. Friending
C. FriendlyD. Friended
Question 9
The car _________ to be washed.
A. needyB. needing
C. needfulD. needs
Question 10
His daughter is the pride and the _________ of his family.
A. joyfulB. joy
C. joyingD. joyed
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