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Question 1
What is the HCF of 34 and 102?
A. 102B. 34
C. 17D. 1
Question 2
'A' and 'B' tankers contain 840 litres and 420 litres of oil,respectively. What is the maximum capacity of a container which can measure the oil of both the tankers an exact number of times?
A. 840 litresB. 20 litres
C. 40 litresD. 420 litres
Question 3
Which one of the following statements is correct?
A. Every factor is less than or equal to the given numbers.B. Every factor is always less than the given numbers.
C. Every factor is always greater than the given numbers.D. Every factor is always equal to the given numbers.
Question 4
Find the largest divisor that divides 47, 80 and 124, and leaves remainder 3.
A. 12B. 11
C. 10D. 3
Question 5
What is G.C.D of 4 and 15?
A. 0B. 4
C. 3D. 1
Question 6
What is the G.C.F of two consecutive numbers?
A. 2B. 4
C. 1D. 3
Question 7
A factor of a number is an ____of that number.

Select the right word to be filled in the blank space from the following options.
A. Exact multiple.B. Exact Quotient.
C. Exact divident.D. Exact divisor.
Question 8
Find the largest number that will divide 623, 729 and 841 leaving remainders 3, 9 and 1 respectively?
A. 45B. 36
C. 20D. 72
Question 9
A rectangular plastic sheet is 4,032 cm long and 3,040 cm broad. It is to be cut into square pieces of the same size. Find the maximum length of the each square piece?
A. 16 cmB. 32 cm
C. 40 cmD. 34 cm
Question 10
A hall of size 20.8 m by 16.8 m, has to be covered with white square tiles of same sizes. What is the length of the largest square tile that can be laid in the hall?
A. 10 cmB. 12 cm
C. 8 cmD. 16 cm
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