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Question 1
It was _________ whether Lucy would be selected for the Vice President's position.
A. DoubtingB. Doubted
C. DoubtfulD. Doubts
Question 2
He started _________ on a white sheet.
A. ColorfulB. Coloring
C. ColorsD. Colored
Question 3
All three kittens were energetic and _________ .
A. PlayedB. Plays
C. PlayingD. Playful
Question 4
I have been _________ all day.
A. RestingB. Restful
C. RestedD. Rests
Question 5
Too much sunlight can be _________ to the skin.
A. HarmingB. Harmed
C. HarmfulD. Harms
Question 6
These blisters are _________ my feet.
A. HurtfulB. Hurted
C. HurtsD. Hurting
Question 7
The tornado was so _________ that it ruined the whole city.
A. PowerfulB. Powers
C. PoweredD. Powering
Question 8
The leader was _________ popularity among the poor people of the country.
A. GainsB. Gainful
C. GainingD. Gained
Question 9
It was a simple and very _________ dance.
A. JoyingB. Joyful
C. JoyedD. Joys
Question 10
The old lady was _________ her neighbors for their help.
A. ThankfulB. Thankfulness
C. ThanksD. Thanking
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