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Question 1
Frank, I don't care what people think about me.
A. FranknessB. Franked
C. FranklyD. Franks
Question 2
The employees were wait in the hall for last one hour.
A. WaitedB. Waits
C. WaitfulD. Waiting
Question 3
Mrs. Cooper accept my invitation two days ago.
A. AcceptingB. Accepted
C. AcceptsD. Acceptly
Question 4
Our organization always tries to help the need.
A. NeedyB. Needing
C. NeedsD. Needed
Question 5
He help me with my homework.
A. HelpingB. Helpful
C. HelpedD. Helpless
Question 6
Maria did not like the party arrange.
A. ArrangingB. Arranges
C. ArrangedD. Arrangement
Question 7
I was thank to the neighbors for helping my family in our tough time.
A. ThankedB. Thankful
C. ThanksD. Thankfully
Question 8
I saw a notice change in Anna's behavior.
A. NoticingB. Noticed
C. NoticeableD. Noticeably
Question 9
The young boy grew so tired and hope that he started crying.
A. HopelessB. Hoping
C. HopedD. Hopes
Question 10
Sally just paint her room about a week ago.
A. PaintsB. Painted
C. PaintingD. Paintless
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