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Question 1
I was ______ to recognize him since it was dark in the room.
A. unablingB. unable
C. unablenessD. abled
Question 2
The test was so difficult that it was ______ for him to finish it in 30 minutes.
A. possiblyB. possibleness
C. impossibleD. impossibly
Question 3
He was punished for his ______ .
A. behavesB. behaved
C. misbehavedD. misbehavior
Question 4
The company fired John because he was ______ for the president's position.
A. prefitB. fitted
C. fittableD. unfit
Question 5
I couldn't sleep all night. The pain was ______.
A. intolerablenessB. intolerable
C. toleratedD. tolerableness
Question 6
Luckily everyone in the car was ______ and the car was still drivable.
A. unhurtB. hurts
C. hurtingD. hurtful
Question 7
A search is being carried out for the man who ______ from his home on Monday.
A. disappearedB. appeared
C. disappearingD. appears
Question 8
Lee wanted to ______ the birthday presents quickly.
A. wrappedB. unwrap
C. wrappingD. unwrapping
Question 9
It is ______ to blame just Ronaldo for team's defeat.
A. fairlyB. unfairly
C. unfairnessD. unfair
Question 10
The package could not be delivered due to an ______ address.
A. incorrectlyB. incorrected
C. incorrectD. incorrecting
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