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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
``TURN round, my boy! How ridiculous you look! What sort of a priest's cassock have you got on? Does everybody at the academy dress like that?'' With such words did old Bulba greet his two sons, who had been absent for their education at the Royal Seminary of Kief, and had now returned home to their father.

His sons had but just dismounted from their horses. They were a couple of stout lads who still looked bashful, as became youths recently released from the seminary. Their firm healthy faces were covered with the first down of manhood, down which had, as yet, never known a razor. They were greatly discomfited by such a reception from their father, and stood motionless with eyes fixed upon the ground.

``Stand still, stand still! let me have a good look at you,'' he continued, turning them round. ``How long your gabardines are! There never were such gabardines in the world before. Just run, one of you! I want to see whether you will not get entangled in the skirts, and fall down.''

``Don't laugh, don't laugh, father!'' said the eldest lad at length.

``How touchy we are! Why shouldn't I laugh?''

``Because, although you are my father, if you laugh, by heavens, I will strike you!''

``What kind of a son are you?" "What, strike your father!" shouted Taras Bulba.
Question 1
How many sons did old Bulba have?
A. OneB. Three
C. NineD. Two
Question 2
What do you think a cassock is?
A. A type of garmentB. A type of shoe
C. An instrumentD. A holy book
Question 3
How did Bulba's sons feel about Bulba's greeting them upon their arrival?
A. HappyB. Uncomfortable
C. ExcitedD. Sad
Question 4
What was old Bulba's first name?
A. KiefB. Taras
C. LadD. Cassock
Question 5
At the end, conversation between Bulba and his sons turned into ____________.
A. passionB. friendly talk
C. angry disputeD. boring discussion
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
On 25 March an unusually strange event occurred in St. Petersburg. For that morning Barber Ivan Yakovlevitch, a dweller on the Vozkresensky Prospekt awoke early, and caught the smell of newly baked bread. Raising himself a little, he perceived his wife (a most respectable dame, and one especially fond of coffee) to be just in the act of drawing newly baked rolls from the oven.

``Prascovia Osipovna,'' he said, ``I would rather not have any coffee for breakfast, but, instead, a hot roll and an onion,'' -- the truth being that he wanted both but knew it to be useless to ask for two things at once, as Prascovia Osipovna did not fancy such tricks.

``Oh, the fool shall have his bread,'' the dame reflected. ``So much the better for me then, as I shall be able to drink a second lot of coffee.''

And duly she threw on to the table a roll.

Ivan Yakovlevitch donned a jacket over his shirt for politeness' sake, and, seating himself at the table, got a couple of onions ready, took a knife into his hand, and cut the roll asunder. Then he glanced into the roll's middle. To his intense surprise he saw something glimmering there. He probed it cautiously with the knife -- then poked at it with a finger.

``Quite solid it is!'' he muttered. ``What in the world is it likely to be?''

He thrust in, this time, all his fingers, and pulled forth -- a nose! His hands dropped to his sides for a moment. Then he rubbed his eyes hard. Then again he probed the thing. A nose! Sheerly a nose! Yes, and one familiar to him, somehow! Oh, horror spread upon his feature! Yet that horror was a trifle compared with his spouse's overmastering wrath.
Question 6
Who was baking the bread?
A. IvanB. St. Petersburg' baker
C. A barberD. Ivan' wife
Question 7
What did Ivan ask not to have for the breakfast?
A. hot rollB. onion
C. coffeeD. nose
Question 8
Where did Ivan find a nose?
A. In the JacketB. Under the table
C. In the breadD. In the onion
Question 9
Who is referred as dame?
A. Prascovia OsipovnaB. Prascovia Osipovna's husband
C. Ivan YakovlevitchD. Sheerly
Question 10
Select the best classification for this portion of the story.
A. Romantic storyB. Drama story
C. Comedy storyD. Horror story
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