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Question 1
The food was cold and taste.
A. TastesB. Tasted
C. TastelessD. Tasting
Question 2
The children showed their happy by singing a song.
A. HappilyB. Happiest
C. HappierD. Happiness
Question 3
Morgan was scared of the dark in the attic.
A. DarkenedB. Darkness
C. DarkerD. Darkful
Question 4
Where did Lauren hid the red folder?
A. HiddenB. Hides
C. HidingD. Hide
Question 5
Timothy was asking for forgive
A. ForgivingB. Forgiveness
C. ForgivenD. Forgives
Question 6
The otter is practically a harm animal.
A. HarmlessB. Harming
C. HarmedD. Harms
Question 7
The yellow paint will bright the kitchen.
A. BrighteningB. Brights
C. BrightenD. Brightly
Question 8
The dog jumped quick over the fence.
A. QuickerB. Quicken
C. quicknessD. Quickly
Question 9
Heavy rain interrupted the marriage celebrate.
A. CelebrationB. Celebrated
C. CelebratesD. Celebrating
Question 10
One slice of pizza was slight larger than the other.
A. SlightnessB. Slightest
C. SlightlyD. Slighter
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