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The following text/image is for 1 through 5
Mr. Elton was formerly a flourishing trader, or, in country phrase, a merchant, in the village of Moyean. In the early part of his life, he had been successful in business; and having a due portion of that mean pride which is gratified by pecuniary superiority. He was careful to appear quite as rich as he was. When he was at the top of fortune's wheel, some of his prying neighbors shrewdly suspected that the show of his wealth was quite out of proportion to the reality. Their side-glances and prophetic whispers betrayed their contempt of the offensive airs of the purse-proud man.

The people in the village of Moyean were simple in their habits and economical in their modes of life. Mr. Elton's occasional indulgence in a showy piece of furniture, or an expensive article of dress for himself or for his wife, attracted notice and sometimes provoked envy, even from those who were wiser and much better than he was.

Mrs. Elton neither deserved nor shared the dislike her husband received in full measure. On the contrary, she had the good will of her neighbors. She never seemed elated by prosperity. Though she occasionally appeared in an expensive Leghorn hat, a merino shawl, or a fine lace, the gentleness and humility of her manners averted the dislike that would otherwise have fallen on her. She had married Mr. Elton when very young, without much consideration, and after a short acquaintance. She had to learn, in the bitter way of experience, that there was no sympathy between them. Their hands were firmly joined, but their hearts were not related.

Question 1
How did Mr. Elton appear in public?
A. Very poorB. Showy dresses
C. Very richD. Not very rich
Question 2
Mrs. Elton had gentle nature and _______ manners.
A. shrewdB. humble
C. poshD. funny
Question 3
How was the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Elton?
A. Full of sympathyB. Professional
C. Not very emotionalD. Always fighting
Question 4
What did Mr. Elton's neighbors think about him?
A. Show of his wealth was too muchB. He was living very poor
C. He was not humbleD. He liked showy piece of furniture
Question 5
What did author say about the common people in the village of Moyean?
A. They had expensive habits and extravagant life.B. They had simple habits and economical life.
C. They all were shrewd.D. They love side-glancing and whispering.
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The following text/image is for 6 through 10
Dorothy Gale lived on a farm in Kansas, with her Aunt Em and her Uncle Henry. It was not a big farm, nor a very good one, because sometimes the rain did not come when the crops needed it, and then everything withered and dried up. Once a cyclone had carried away Uncle Henry's house, so that he was obliged to build another; and as he was a poor man he had to mortgage his farm to get the money to pay for the new house. Then his health became bad and he was too feeble to work. The doctor ordered him to take a sea voyage and he went to Australia and took Dorothy with him. That cost a lot of money, too.

Uncle Henry grew poorer every year, and the crops raised on the farm only bought food for the family. Therefore the mortgage could not be paid. At last the banker who had loaned him the money said that if he did not pay on a certain day, his farm would be taken away from him.

This worried Uncle Henry a good deal, for without the farm he would have no way to earn a living. He was a good man, and worked in the field as hard as he could; and Aunt Em did all the housework, with Dorothy's help. Yet they did not seem to get along.

This little girl, Dorothy, was like dozens of little girls you know. She was loving and usually sweet-tempered, and had a round rosy face and earnest eyes. Life was a serious thing to Dorothy, and a wonderful thing, too, for she had encountered more strange adventures in her short life than many other girls of her age.

Question 6
Where did Dorothy go on a sea voyage?
A. KansasB. Australia
C. BankD. Pacific Ocean
Question 7
Who threatened Henry that his farm would be taken away?
A. The doctorB. Aunt Em
C. The bankerD. No one
Question 8
Whom did Dorothy help?
A. Uncle HenryB. The doctor
C. The bankerD. Aunt Em
Question 9
Why did Uncle Henry mortgage his farm to get the money?
A. To build a new houseB. To stop cyclone
C. To take care of his healthD. To go to Australia
Question 10
Why did Uncle Henry worry so much?
A. Because he thought, he will get sick and will have no way to earn a living.B. Because he thought, he would lose the farm and without the farm, he would have no way to earn a living.
C. Because Aunt Em did not do all the housework.D. Because the doctor ordered him to take a sea voyage.
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