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Question 1
Silk does not shrink like other fibers.
A. BrightB. Expire
C. ExpandD. Excuse
Question 2
A fertile soil has an abundance of plant nutrients.
A. FudgeB. Barren
C. ProductiveD. Lush
Question 3
He vanished without a trace.
A. DisappearedB. Appeared
C. ApprovedD. Rejected
Question 4
The Goal Keeper was responsible for the defeat in last match.
A. LossB. Conquer
C. TreatD. Victory
Question 5
The measurements were not accurate.
A. ExactB. Precise
C. IncorrectD. Correct
Question 6
Mrs. Davis wanted to talk to me in private.
A. HouseB. Slow
C. MoreD. Public
Question 7
Helen asked her maid to carry the fragile porcelain plates with care.
A. UnbreakableB. Dirty
C. DelicateD. Heavy
Question 8
The flight arrived at 6 o'clock in the evening.
A. SafeB. Begin
C. DepartedD. Succeed
Question 9
The climate in Sahara is very harsh for plants and animal life.
A. CruelB. Severe
C. ColdD. Pleasant
Question 10
I am an optimist, and I have faith in my hard work.
A. NervousB. Pessimist
C. ArrogantD. Intelligent
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