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Question 1
We had to _____ the fabric before taking the measurements.
A. diB. die
C. dyeD. doe
Question 2
I forgot to _____ the cheese.
A. greatB. gate
C. greetD. grate
Question 3
A _____ of elephants came down to the lake to drink water.
A. heardB. hurt
C. hertsD. herd
Question 4
I eat _____ for breakfast.
A. serialB. cereal
C. cerialD. coral
Question 5
Water was dripping from the broken _____.
A. sealingB. seeling
C. ceilingD. ceeling
Question 6
This wound will take time to_____.
A. healB. heel
C. hillD. heil
Question 7
His father's death left him in a _____.
A. daysB. daze
C. dageD. daisy
Question 8
Our company did not _____ any new employees this year.
A. hierB. higher
C. hireD. heir
Question 9
He went abroad for _____ education.
A. heirB. wire
C. hireD. higher
Question 10
The flight was delayed because of bad ________.
A. weatherB. wether
C. waitherD. waiter
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