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Question 1
______ once was a princess named Sylvia.
A. TheirB. There
C. They'reD. These
Question 2
______ for Monday, I am free every day to attend the class.
A. AcceptB. Excess
C. AdaptD. Except
Question 3
He stood ______ his family in all the crisis.
A. BuyB. By
C. ByeD. Bi
Question 4
He said, "_____" and left the room.
A. BuyB. By
C. ByeD. Bi
Question 5
I need to ______ some balloons to decorate the hall.
A. ByB. Bye
C. BiD. Buy
Question 6
When I was sick, she sat ______ my bed all night without closing her eyes.
A. BesideB. Besides
C. Be-sideD. Byside
Question 7
______ preparing dinner, I need to do some laundry.

A. BesideB. Biside
C. BesidesD. Side
Question 8
It took me almost an ______ to get to this place.

A. OurB. Hour
C. AreD. Ours
Question 9
There was no one sitting ______ him at the table.

A. BesidesB. Side
C. BesideD. Biside
Question 10
Mary asked everyone to ______ a scary mask to the party.

A. WhereB. Were
C. WierD. Wear
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