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Question 1
What is the L.C.M. of 14, 18, 24 and 32?
A. 1320B. 2420
C. 2020D. 2016
Question 2
Find the L.C.M. of 15 and 4.
A. 20B. 60
C. 40D. 120
Question 3
Which number will Jenna get as the L.C.M. of 72, 96 and 160?
A. 1420B. 1460
C. 1600D. 1440
Question 4
The L.C.M. of two coprime numbers is equal to the __________.
A. Quotient of the numbersB. Product of the numbers
C. Sum of the numbersD. One of the number
Question 5
The L.C.M. of given multiple numbers is __________.
A. Greater than or equal to the largest numbersB. Smaller than the numbers
C. Always equal to the numbersD. Always greater than the numbers
Question 6
Julia is getting remainder 5 each time she is dividing a smallest number by 16, 24 and 48. What is that smallest number?
A. 240B. 148
C. 53D. 101
Question 7
Ben and Ron went on a running race on a circular track. Ben touched the starting point every 25 seconds and Ron touched the starting point every 35 seconds. If they start together, when will they next touch the starting point together?
A. 115 secondsB. 175 seconds
C. 125 secondsD. Never
Question 8
40 is the Least Common Multiple of ______.
A. 40 and 50B. 12 and 20
C. 8 and 20D. 30 and 60
Question 9
1008 is the lowest 4-digit number, which is exactly divisible by __________.
A. 14 , 44 and 62B. 14 , 42 and 56
C. 16, 32 and 48D. 18 , 36 and 74
Question 10
The bells at three Churches toll at intervals of 15, 20 and 25 seconds. If the bells begin to toll together, after how much time will they toll together again?
A. 180 secondsB. Never
C. 120 secondsD. 300 seconds
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